There are so many children in our communities hurting for a multitude of reasons, mainly TOTAL MISINFORMATION, myths and lies about choices, decisions, and routes to succeed in life. OUR MISSION is to dispel all the lies, regardless where that path takes us, and replace with TRUTH through relevant information to change our children’s MINDSET concerning the true dangers of Negative Peer Pressure, Decision-Making Skills, Violence, Anti-Bullying, Gangs and Drugs Resistance, and all other anti-social behaviors that will not only hinder there productive growth, but also put them in harms way.

All of the above will take place in a Safe and Fun environment with Music, DJs, and in some cases the GameMaster (G.A.M.E.S.T.E.R.S. dancers) FUN games that continues to build leadership, teamwork, working with others and lifting each other up.

“When a uniformed officer and children are brought together in a structured environment for the purpose of communicating needed information and learning from each other, it will ALWAYS be a win-win situation. You cannot go wrong.”   ~   Officer Mark E. Bennett

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